Upcoming Litters
Updated 07/04/2021


Leia and Ryeson have been bred for a litter of Medium, Multigen Doubledoodles. A Doubledoodle is where one parent is a Goldendoodle (Leia) and one is a Labradoodle (Ryeson). You may see a picture and bio of each on the Dams/Stud pages, respectively. Their litter should be born the first week of August with a late September/early October go-home date. Coats will be loose and wavy in various shades of apricot, some with splashes of white, and will be low to non-shedding. Second choice is available via our Preferred Puppy Program. Please see our Pricing page for details. You may scroll down the Previous Litters link to see Leia/Ryeson’s last litter which were GORGEOUS! We are no longer accepting additional reservations.







*Please know we do our very best to guesstimate the sizes at maturity based on our experience and size of each dam and stud. However, just as in families with children, genetics can throw a curve ball from time to time and there can be exceptions to this rule. We cannot guarantee size.