Current Litters
Updated 1/24/2022


F1B Tri-colored  Bernedoodle Puppies Available!!!

Willow/Otis have a whopping litter of 14 F1B Bernedoodle puppies which were born in the wee hours of Christmas night!! There are eight strapping males and six adorable females. All are healthy, strong and nursing beautifully. Coats range from straight to wavy, several curly, and are in various colors of black/white, white/black (parti) and even some chocolate/white with varying amounts of tan. This litter will be in the 45-65 pound at maturity. Choosing for this litter will be Friday, 11th -Saturday, February, 12th, 2022 with go-home the following weekend, Saturday, February 18th-20th. Reservations are now open and we are currently taking deposits. Puppy choosing is determined by the order in which deposits are received. Nine puppies have been reserved with five pups available. We won’t know which ones are available until after our choosing weekend. Email if you would like to reserve a puppy from this litter and I will send our reservation process.

Willow’s pups born 12/26/21:

Willow Solid Red M 1.23.22

Solid Red Collar – Male

Willow Pink w Paws F 1.23.22

Pink with Paws  Collar – Female

Willow Red w Paws M 1.23.22

Red Collar w/Paws – Male

Willow Gray M 1.23.22

Gray Collar – Male

Willow Solid Green M 1.23.22

Solid Green Collar – Male

Willow Teal w Paws F 1.23.22

Teal Collar w/Paws – Female

Willow Solid Yellow M 1.23.22

Solid Yellow Collar – Male

Willow Solid Pink F 1.23.22

Solid Pink Collar – Female

Willow Orange w Paws M 1.23.22

Orange Collar w/Paws – Male

Willow Solid Blue M 1.23.22

Solid Blue Collar – Male

Willow Violet F 1.23.22

Violet Collar – Female

Willow Solid Orange M 1.23.22

Solid Orange Collar – Male

Willow Gold F 1.23.22

Gold Collar – Female

Willow Solid Purple F 1.23.22

Solid Purple Collar – Female

Mini, Multi-gen Australian Tiboodles

Zoe/Ryeson have a gorgeous litter of mini, multigen Australian Tiboodles. There are two handsome males and two charming females in this litter of four. These puppies will be in the 20-29 pound range at maturity and have fleece, low-non shedding coats in apricot and white. Choosing for this litter is January 14th with go-home the following weekend. Sorry, this litter is fully reserved.


born 11/25/2021, pictures taken 1/08/2021


Zoe Green 1.7.22

Green Collar-Male-Reserved by Anna of San Francisco

Zoe Orange 1.7.22

Orange Collar-Female-Reserved by Angie and Darren of Roseville

Zoe Red 1.7.22

Red Collar-Male-“Newton”-Reserved by Pat of Santa Barbara

Zoe Yellow 1.7.22

Yellow Collar-Female-Reserved by Linden and Geoff of San Luis Obispo





*Please know that we estimate size and weight of your fully grown puppy based on the size and weight of it’s dam and sire. Just as in families with children, genetics may throw a curve ball from time to time and there can be exceptions to this rule. We cannot guarantee size.


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