Current Litters
Updated 09/06/2023


Pictured below are our lastest litter of Medium, F1B Bernedoodles from Hannah and Rigby. All are now residing with their new owners. We are taking a break from breeding which includes responding to emails. You can check our Upcoming Litters page in the future to see which females have been bred.

Hannah Blk 5.2.23

Black Collar Male – Reserved by Leslie and Amelia of Valley Village

Hannah Gol 5.2.23

Gold Collar Female – “Penelope” – Reserved by Nicole and Grace of Alisa Viejo

Hannah Grn 5.2.23

Green Collar Female- “Paddy”- Reserved by Angie and Clark of San Diego

Hannah Wht 5.2.23

White Collar Male – “Loki”- Reserved by Vandana and Promode of San Jose

Hannah Pur 5.6.23

Purple Collar – Female – Reserved by Tri, Mai, Matthew and Zoey of Mission Viejo

Hannah Yel 5.6.23

Yellow Collar- Male – Reserved by Aly of AG

Hannah Pin 5.2.23

Pink Collar Female – “Waffles” – Reserved by Louise of San Luis Obispo

Hannah Ora 5.2.23

Orange Collar Male “Murphy” – Reserved by Madison of Venice Beach

Hannah Sil 5.2.23

Silver Collar Female – Reserved by Kenny and Diana of LA

Hannah Red 5.2.23

Red Collar Male – “McGuyver” – Reserved by Martin and Joyce of Martinez

Hannah Blu 5.2.23

Blue Collar Male – “Twix” – Reserved by Charles, Ashley and Ryan of Palo Alto


*Please know that we estimate size and weight of your fully grown puppy based on the size and weight of it’s dam and sire. Just as in families with children, genetics may throw a curve ball from time to time and there can be exceptions to this rule. We cannot guarantee size.


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