Current Litters
Updated 07/22/2021


STANDARD F1B Tri-colored Bernedoodle puppies:

Willow/Riley have a GORGEOUS litter of nine Standard F1B Bernedoodles!! There are 6 studly males and 3 beautiful females in their litter. All are tri-colored, predominantly black/white/tan, chocolate/white/tan, black/white/tan parti and a chocolate/white/tan parti. We expect this litter to be in the 55-75 pound range at maturity and have low to non-shedding, wavy to curly coats. Choosing weekend is July 16-17th with go-home dates the following week of July 23-24th. Sorry, this litter is fully reserved. Feel free to email if you’d like to go on our list in case of unforeseen cancellation.

Willow’s pups born 6/1/21- Pictures taken 7/10/21:


Willow Green 7.10.21

Green Collar – Male – “Chop Chop” -Reserved by Jon and Lorena of San Jose

Willow Blue 7.10.21

Blue Collar – Male – Reserved by Heather of Templeton

Willow Orange 7.10.21

Orange Collar – Male – “Loki” – Reserved by Marleina of Fairfield

Willow Silver 7.10.21

Silver Collar – Female – Reserved by George and Amy of Berkeley

Willow Red 7.10.21

Red Collar – Male – Reserved by Lynne and Andy of Hillsborough

Willow Yellow 7.10.21

Yellow Collar – Male – “Coco” – Reserved by Nance and Andy of LA

Willow NoCo 7.10.21

No Collar – Male – “Gnocchi” – Reserved by Dhrithi and Max of Walnut Creek

Willow Pink 7.10.21

Pink Collar – Female – “Lucy”- Reserved by the Gendron family of Clovis

Willow Purple 7.10.21

Purple Collar – Female “Margot”- Reserved by Kellie and James of Ventura


Mini, Multigen Australian Tiboodles available!

Zoe/Ryeson had their litter of Mini, Multigen Australian Tiboodles which were born on May 11th. There are three gorgeous females and one studly male in this litter. Puppies should be in the 20-29 pound range at maturity and have wavy, fleece coats in shades of apricot and bright white which will be very low to non–shedding.  Sorry, this litter is now living with their new owners.


Zoe’s pups born 5/11/21:

Zoe Silver 6.20.21

Silver Collar – Female – “Poppy”- Reserved by the Lim family of Oakland

Zoe Red 6.20.21

Red Collar – Male – “Frodo”- Reserved by the Badami family of Ojai

Zoe Purple 6.20.21

Purple Collar – Female – “Remi” – Reserved by Georgina of Irvine

Zoe Gold 6.20.21

Gold Collar – Female – Reserved by David and Evelyn of San Francisco


*Please know that we estimate size and weight of your fully grown puppy based on the size and weight of it’s dam and sire. Just as in families with children, genetics may throw a curve ball from time to time and there can be exceptions to this rule. We cannot guarantee size.


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