Current Litters
Updated 09/26/2020


Mazzi (Medium Multi-gen Goldendoodle) and Waylon (Medium Multi-gen Labradoodle) had a gorgeous litter of six Medium Multi-gen Doubledoodles! Please see both Mazzi and Waylon’s pictures and bio’s on the Dam/Stud pages, respectively. There are five whopping males and one petite female in this litter, all in apricot and some with white markings. We expect these pups to weigh in the 30-40 pound range at maturity and have soft, wavy fleece, low-non shedding coats. Please email if you are interested in being on a waitlist for this litter in case of cancellation. This litter will be going to their new homes late October. Sorry, this litter is fully reserved.

Mazzi’s pups born 9/06/20:


                                                                              Males                                                                             Males

Princess Penny/Heart-Stopping Hucks litter of Mini Multigen Doubledoodles is here! There are three males and three females in this gorgeous litter of six. They should be in the 20-29 pound range at maturity. Coats will be fleece, wavy and low to non-shedding. They are dark apricot to light red, some with splashes of white on their chests and feet. This litter was born August 10th and will be ready for their new homes the first weekend of October, 2020.     Thanks for your interest. This litter is now reserved. 

Penny’s pups born 8/10/20:


Penny Purple 9.20.20
Penny Silver 9.20.20

Purple Collar – Female – “Coco” – Reserved by Maisha, Rashmi and Dhiraj

Red Collar – Male – Reserved by Brian, Robin, Matthew, Justin and Tommy

Silver Collar – Female

Penny Green 9.20.20
Penny Blue 9.20.20
Penny Pink 9.20.20

Green Collar – Male

Blue Collar – Male – Reserved by Tracey and Brian

Pink Collar – Female – Reserved by Melinda, Tony and McKenzie

*Please know that we estimate size and weight of your fully grown puppy based on the size and weight of it’s dam and sire. Just as in families with children, genetics may throw a curve ball from time to time and there can be exceptions to this rule. We cannot guarantee size.