Current Litters
Updated 11/16/2020


Willow’s Standard F1B Bernedoodle puppies have arrived!

Willow delivered 10 puppies on Monday, November 9th. She has a whopping 8 females and 2 males! All seem to be nursing beautifully and to be healthy and strong. Some are tri-colored and others black with white markings, some parti (predominantly white) with black markings. Coats will be low to non-shedding, wavy to curly. We expect this litter to be in the 50-75 pound range at maturity. Our “choosing weekend” will be Saturday, January 2nd-Sunday, January 3rd with go-home dates the following week, likely January 7th-9th. Please make sure these dates work for you prior to reserving a puppy. If you are interested in Willow’s litter please email stating your interest. I will respond back with our reservation process. Note-any deposits sent prematurely will be promptly returned.

Willow’s pups born 11/09/20:


                                                                                          Females                                                               Females


                                                                                           Females                                                                 Males

Hannah/Tucker’s Standard F1B Bernedoodles

Hannah/Tucker’s litter of Standard F1B Bernedoodle puppies arrived on 10/26/20!! There are five handsome males and four gorgeous females for a total of nine pups in their litter. All are nursing beautifully and seem healthy and strong. They are tri-colored, several with faint tan markings, others with more pronounced tan. They should be in the 55-80 pound range at maturity and have low to non-shedding, wavy to curly fleece coats. With the busyness of Christmas on the horizon, please note that our “choosing weekend” will be Friday, December 11th and Saturday, December 12th with a go-home date the following weekend, December 17th-19th. This litter is now fully reserved. Please email to be placed on our waitlist in case of unforeseen cancellations.

Hannah’s pups born 10/26/20:

Hannah black 11.16.20
Hannah Red 11.16.20
Hannah Orange 11.16.20

Black Male

Red Male

Orange Male

Hannah Purple 11.16.20
Hannah Pink 11.16.20
Hannah Green 11.16.20

Purple Female

Pink Female

Green Male

Hannah Yellow 11.16.20
Hannah Blue 11.16.20
Hannah Silver 11.16.20

Yellow Female

Blue Male

Silver Female

*Please know that we estimate size and weight of your fully grown puppy based on the size and weight of it’s dam and sire. Just as in families with children, genetics may throw a curve ball from time to time and there can be exceptions to this rule. We cannot guarantee size.