Preferred Puppy Program

For families desiring additional options or to welcome home a puppy sooner rather than later, we offer our “Preferred Puppy Program.” Central Coast Doodles typically reserves the first and second positions in each litter to select the top pups for our future breeding program. When the option of our “Preferred Puppy Program” is utilized, we will relinquish these positions and move you to the top of the choosing order. By doing so, you avoid the long wait lists and immediately move into the #1 or #2 slot, respectively…the pick(s) of the litter!

Typically, the choosing order for each litter is first- come, first-served (once the litter availability is announced), with the exception of the two top positions that have been reserved by Central Coast Doodles. Thus, in order for Central Coast Doodles to relinquish the selection of elite puppies for our breeding program and provide this option to families, the fee is two times the purchase price of the puppy (for first choice) and two times the purchase price of the puppy less $500 (for second choice).  “Choosing” is done here at our kennel when the puppies are 6-7 weeks old.

This reservation option is for a Pet only, and the puppy will be sold under Central Coast Doodles standard contract. The Preferred Puppy Program does not include breeding rights.



– $3500


Abstract (black and white markings, white and apricot) :  $4000

– Pantom, Chocolate, Sable, Parti:  $4000

– Tri-Colored:  $4250

NOTE-PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN A DEPOSIT UNTIL WE ASK YOU TO DO SO! Please email with your interest and we will send our reservation process for that particular litter. IF you send in a deposit prior to receiving our reservation process email it will be returned to you.

* California State Tax of 7.25% will be added to the price.

*   We take deposits via Paypal. Please go to the “Make Payment” block which is processed directly through PayPal. Deposits are $520.00 as PayPal charges 3%. 

Payment for:

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Included in Every Purchase
  1. Copy of veterinary health/well check
  2. Two year health guarantee
  3. Bill of sale/immunization record including next required vaccination dates
  4. Microchip tab for collar, microchip registration and extra labels
  5. Deworming at ages 2,4,6 weeks plus 5 consecutive days prior to leaving
  6. Starter bag of the current food your puppy has been eating
  7. Small fleece with the familiar scent of  littermates
  8. Familiarity with both wire and plastic crates
  9. Familiarity with using doggie door
  10. Familiarity with car ride to lesson car sickness
  11. New toy
Tax Information

Note: 7.25% California State Sales Tax will be added to each sale.

Pricing Variables

There are many variables when it comes to pricing among Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle breeders.  The best assurance a prospective buyer has of receiving a quality pet is to purchase from a reputable breeder who has done everything to ensure that your new puppy is as healthy and genetically sound as possible.  And yes, just as in anything of value, quality has a price tag.  Please remember you will have your new four legged family member for 10+ years.  We are confident that if you choose to purchase a puppy from Central Coast Doodles you will be thrilled with this newest addition to your family.