Our Studs

River Doodles’ Tremendous Turner-Mini Multigen Goldendoodle

Turner lives here in the North County with his adoring guardian family who have three children. He loves his family in addition to their horses, chickens and Luna, their other goldendoodle. Turner is extremely affectionate with a great disposition and joins his family on their hikes and daily jogs. He is a hefty 17 pounds and stands 15″ at the shoulders. Turner is OFA prelim Good for hips, OFA elbows-normal and eyes OFA clear and normal.


Precisely Poodles’ Riley-AKC Standard Chocolate Tri-Colored Poodle

Riley loves his humans. He is a handsome 61 pound lad standing 24″ at the shoulder and portioned as well as any show dog could be. He lives with his canine brother and his guardian parents here on the Central Coast.  He is even tempered, loves to please and is quite the head-turner. Riley is OFA Hips- Good, OFA Elbows-Normal and OFA Eyes Clear and Normal.

Riley Bio pic

Loveable Labradoodle’s Ryeson – Medium Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle

Ryeson lives with his guardian family here in the north county. They say, “Ryeson enjoys his early morning walks and loves to greet everyone he meets along the way. He’s very affectionate with both his human and fur family members. He has brought a lot of joy to his guardian family who love to watch him run and leap around the backyard at top speed. His coat is super fluffy and he loves to snuggle. Ryeson has a very gentle demeanor paired with a healthy zest for life. He’s truly made our family complete.” Ryeson stands 17″ at the shoulder, weighs 30 pounds and has a gorgeous caramel, fleece coat. He is OFA Prelim hips-Good, OFA Elbows-Normal and OFA eyes-Normal.

Ryeson is available for stud service to approved, health-tested females.

Ryeson 4.4.19

Trademark’s Tucker-AKC Standard Tri-colored Poodle

Tucker is our newest head-turner! Weighing in at 37 pounds and standing 22″ at the shoulder, Tucker’s guardian home raves about him! They say, “Tucker is one of a kind! When we go on walks we get compliments galore on his handsome looks and good manners. He is mellow, calm and loves to snuggle and curl up next to us. He has a friendly personality and intuitively knows how to respond to other dogs and people of all ages. We are so happy he is ours!” Tucker’s eyes are OFA Clear and Normal, OFA Hips-Good and OFA Elbows-Normal. We can’t wait to see what gorgeous pups he will produce!

Tucker is available for stud service to approved, health-tested females.

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Loveable Labradoodle’s Heart Stopping Huck – Medium Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle

We are excited about Huck, one of our newest studs! He has a beautiful red, fleece coat with white markings. Huck flew through his health testing and is OFA Prelim Hips-Good, OFA Elbows-Normal and OFA Eyes-Clear and Normal. Huck lives with his devoted guardian home in north SLO county. They tell us,”Huck is gentle, curious and smart. He likes to play with his family, especially hide and seek. Huck enjoys meeting new people and everyone loves his happy and calm disposition. He loves to cuddle and has a wonderful, silky coat.” Huck weighs in at 31 pounds and stands 17″ at the shoulder.

Huck is available for stud service to approved, health-tested females.


Gail’s Outstanding Ollie-Medium F1B Goldendoodle

Gail’s Outstanding Ollie belongs to my sister. He is a gorgeous red Medium F1B Goldendoodle and is one super easy-going and mellow dog. He lives in an adoring Guardian home who descries him as her lovable rag doll and says his “favorite move” is to give her a big hug with one paw on each of her shoulders! Ollie weighs in at a hefty 38 pounds and is 18″ at the shoulder. He sailed through his health testing with hips rated in the 90+ % with PennHip (meaning his hips are in the top 10% of all goldendoodles) and has an OFA Good Prelim. score. His Elbows are OFA Normal and his eyes are OFA clear.


Loveable Labradoodle’s Waylon – Medium Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle

Waylon lives with his guardian home in Paso Robles. They say, “We are so grateful to have Waylon as part of our family. He is a sweet, gentle, attentive boy. who loves to snuggle, but plays hard! He especially loves playing with other dogs, and is always tagging along with his big brother, Revan. Waylon has been a great addition for us!” Waylon is OFA Prelim Hips-Excellent, OFA Elbows-Normal and OFA Eyes-Clear/Normal. Waylon weighs in at 36 pounds and stands 18″ at the shoulder.

Waylon is available for stud service to approved, health-tested females.


Gail’s Doodles Cosmo – Medium Multi-Gen Goldendoodle

“Courteous Cosmo” is owned by my sister, Gail, (of Gail’s Labradoodles and Goldendoodles). Cosmo has it all — striking good looks with his deep red coloring and loosely, wavy fleece coat that is non-shedding and allergy-friendly. With his mid-range size of 35 lbs. and 20″ at the shoulder, Cosmo is not only handsome but has a wonderful temperament and easy-going disposition. In addition, Cosmo has passed all of his health testing with flying colors: his hips are OFA prelim Good and PennHip in the 75 percentile, as well as OFA Normal elbows and OFA eyes Clear and Normal. Cosmo lives with an adoring Guardian family in Paso Robles who love him to pieces.


Gail’s Doodles Maverick – AKC Standard Poodle

Maverick belongs to my sister, Gail, of Gail’s Labradoodles and is a rare “tuxedo” parti poodle. He is a deep crimson red with white markings. Maverick weighs 45 pounds and stands 23″ at the shoulder. His guardian family lives in San Luis Obispo and says they get comments on his stunning goods looks wherever they go! He has an easy-going temperament and loves other dogs. Maverick has OFA Prelim Good hips, Normal elbows, and eyes that are OFA clear.

Maverick Stand 2