Our Dams

Heidi – AKC Bernese Mountain Dog

Heidi is new to our breeding program and is the foundation female for our Bernedoodles. As she is continuously surrounded by our Goldendoodle puppies, she is incredibly gentle, curious and loving to each and every one. She has the most amazing, calm nature and does not have an aggressive bone in her body. Heidi is most happy when she is riding in the car, going on long walks or snuggled next to us inside our home. She loves to sleep completely on her back with legs spread wide open! She is full of personality and can be quite the nut at times! Heidi sailed through her health testing with eyes OFA clear and normal, OFA Prelim Hips-Good and OFA elbows-Normal. She weighs in at a petite 76 pounds and stands 23″ at the shoulder. We are so excited to see the adorable puppies she and Slater will produce!

Heidi is now retired

Heidi web pic resized

Remy – AKC Bernese Mountain Dog

As of Spring 2022, Remy is our newest BMD and we are excited to see the beautiful puppies she will produce. Her guardian home says,” Remy brings our family so much joy daily! She is quite a character! She is a bundle of love and thinks everyone and every animal is her friend. She has such a sweet nature and although she is a big dog, she loves to cuddle as if she were a little dog. She plays well with dogs of all sizes and has more friends and play dates than any of our kids! She is an awesome adventure buddy and loves to trail run, hike, and mountain bide with us. She is such a beautiful dog, we cannot go anywhere without having people stop and ask about and want to pet her. We can’t imagine life without her as she definitely completes our family.” Remy stands 24 1/2″ at the shoulder and weighs 73 pounds. She is OFA hips-Good, OFA elbows-Normal and OFA eyes-clear and normal.

Remy image

Leia – Medium Multi-Gen Goldendoodle

Leia is new to our breeding program this winter, December 2019. Her guardian home says,” From the moment Leia entered our family she has been the perfect fit! We have three young kids and they absolutely adore her and she adores them. She also loves our other goldendoodle, Rudy, and they have become the best of friends. Leia is truly the sweetest dog and is gentle in spirit and wise beyond her years. We always receive compliments about her disposition. As a puppy, she behaved perfectly, obeyed right away and had the best manners. She enjoys being with us on hikes, walks or whatever we are doing outdoors. Leia is the happiest, sweetest girl! Leia sailed through her health testing and is OFA Prelim Hips-Good, OFA Elbows-Normal and OFA Eyes Clear and Normal. She is 30 pounds and stands 19″ at the shoulder.

Leia original

Willow – Tri-Colored Standard F1 Bernedoodle

Willow is new to our breeding program this fall, 2019. She lives in a guardian home here in SLO North County surrounded by lovely property and a loving family. They say, “Willow is super sweet and intelligent. As a puppy she fit fully in our laps but now gets her “puppy rubs” with her entire head in our laps as that’s all that fits! Willow loves snuggling with our grandchildren, playing fetch, tossing her toys in the air and playing with her furry friends. She was very easy to potty train and now alerts us with a nudge. Our dog is a great companion on walks along the coast and stays right by our sides. She gets lots of attention and compliments as others are curious about what type of dog she is. Willow is just beautiful and is quite the head-turner!”

Willow weighs 63 pounds and is 26″ at the shoulder. Her OFA Prelim Hips are Good, OFA Elbows-Normal and OFA Eyes-Clear/Normal.

Willow 9.22.19

Princess Penny – Mini Multi-Gen Double Doodle

Penny is new to our breeding program. We are so excited to see what beautiful puppies she will produce the summer of 2019. Penny could not be happier living with her adoring guardian home in south SLO county on the same property as her mother, Lady, who is now retired. They say,”Penny is very athletic and loves to run as fast as possible! She can spring from the bedroom door to the top of our bed in one giant leap! She is very intelligent, learning commands quickly and is mastering the art of catching toys in mid-air! Her best and favorite trick is pulling my husband’s socks off each night! Our Penny has a sweet disposition and cuddles at every opportunity.” Penny has a beautiful fleece, wavy, apricot coat. She weighs 16 pounds and stands 16″ at the shoulder. Her OFA Prelim Hips rate Good and OFA elbows-Normal. Her eyes are OFA clear and normal.

Penny is now retired

Penny 2 4.22.21

Hannah–Tri-Colored Standard F1 Bernedoodle

Hannah is another one of our home-grown doodles! We’re anxious to see the beautiful puppies she will produce in the fall of 2020. She lives here in northern SLO County with her guardian home who says, “Hannah is a wonderful dog who loves long walks on the beach with her little four-legged brother and playing fetch with her favorite squeaky toy in the backyard. She not only loves the ocean but jumps again and again into the swimming pool. The Bernese Mountain Dog trait of “leaning” is evident as she affectionally leans into anyone who is giving her love. Hannah loves nothing more than to hang out with her human sisters who adore her!” Hannah is OFA Eyes Clear/Normal, OFA Prelim Hips Fair, OFA Elbows Normal. She stands 24″ at the shoulder and weighs 73 pounds.

Marley 9.20.20

Holly – F1 Goldendoodle

Holly lives with an adoring guardian family here in the north county. They say, “Holly is the perfect family dog! She is incredibly patient with our three young children, letting the preschooler use her as a reading pillow, fetching a stick for the eight year old over and over again, and happily enduring multiple “training sessions” from the ten year old. She quickly learned several commands and is well on her way to being off-leashed trained. She absolutely loves playing with other animals and desperately wishes our cat felt the same. Her favorite things include car rides, a good chew toy and snuggles. She is incredibly affectionate, curling herself right into your lap if you let her and persistently nudging your hand until you pet her. We love having Holly as part of our family!” Holly is OFA Prelim Hips-Good, OFA Elbows-Normal and OFA Eyes-Clear/Normal. She weighs 47 pounds and is 21″ at the shoulder.

Holly Web Pic resized

Abby – F1B Goldendoodle

Abby is one of our home-grown doodles and as good-looking as she is smart! Her coat is a dark apricot/light red and is as soft as it is shiny. She stands a proud 19.5″ at the shoulder and weighs in at 32 pounds. Abby lives in an adoring Guardian Home in south county. They say, “Abby is a total lover and is great with our 3 year old son and 5 year old daughter. She is one of the smartest dogs we have ever seen and training her has been a breeze since day one. She is off-leash trained, knows 15 commands and doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body. Abby has been a great addition to our family and we can’t wait to see her with puppies!” Abby has easily completed her health testing and rates as OFA premlin Hips GOOD, OFA Elbows normal and OFA eyes clear and normal with no evidence of congenital heart disease.

Abby 4 6.25.18

Zoe – Mini F1 Tiboodle

We’re super excited about Zoe, our home grown F1 Tiboodle! Zoe comes from Brandi, our Tibetan Terrier (pictured below) and Murphy, our moyen Poodle (pictured on our Stud link). She weighs 15 pounds and stands 15″ tall. Zoe lives in a loving Guardian Home here in Templeton. Her devoted mom says, “Zoe is a skillful hiker and graceful rock climber. She loves to run with other dogs and is a big fan of dog beaches, especially in San Diego where she plays with her two and four year old human cousins! Zoe loves people and is the perfect travel companion.” Zoe’s health results are OFA prelim Hips Good, Elbows Normal, OFA Eyes Clear/Normal. We’re anxious to see the adorable Tiboodles she will produce!

Zoe Dam pic 6.25.18

Mazzi-Medium Multi-Gen Goldendoodle

Mazzi is one of our home-grown doodles who is from Charlotte and Cosmo. She lives with an adoring guardian family here in the North County. They say, ” Mazzi has been a fantastic addition to our family; she has such a sweet disposition and has been easy to train. She is off-leash trained and follows commands effortlessly. She loves playing with our cats and adores babies and toddlers. We’ve taken Mazzi on lots of camping and hiking excursions and she does great keeping up with us. We are so excited to see how well she does at being a puppy mommy.” Mazzi is OFA Pelim Hips Fair, Elbows OFA Normal, and her eyes OFA Clear/Normal. She stands 17″ tall and weighs 30 pounds.