Guardian Program

Our Guardian Home Program allows for families or individuals that live within San Luis Obispo County, preferably north county, to have our “pick of the litter puppy.” The puppy is part of the Guardian Home’s family forever, while the breeding rights are retained by us. We essentially co-own the puppy until the contract is fulfilled. Each dog’s breeding career is different so we prefer to work out specific details on an individual basis. Once the Guardian Dog has completed his/her breeding career, he/she will be spayed or neutered at our expense, and will remain a forever pet of the Guardian Home.

Guardian Home Responsibilities

The most important aspect in being a Guardian Home is to provide love, care, affection and attention for the guardian puppy. You are her family and forever home and accept the financial responsibilities for routine maintenance and medical care just as you would for any other pet you may own. This means general veterinary care for annual vaccines, grooming, heart worm prevention, training, feeding a high quality dog food, regular exercise, socialization and flea/tick prevention (approved by us.)

When the female comes into her first heat cycle we need to be notified IMMEDIATELY. This could be anywhere between 6-12 months. She will be in heat approximately four weeks and will need constant supervision so that other males do not breed her. They literally can “tie” within 60 seconds so it is imperative she is closely watched or secured within an approved kennel. More than likely she will NOT be bred on her first cycle, however, that may depend on how old she is when she has first started this cycle. Females typically come into heat every 6 months, however, they range from 6-12 months generally speaking.

On the VERY FIRST DAY of her next heat cycle you need to notify us. You will bring her to our home for breeding and may leave her for a few days to a full week. After breeding she goes back to her family again for the gestation period which is approximately 9 weeks. She will be returned to us for whelping and stay to nurse and care for her pups for approximately 6 weeks. Of course…..scheduled visits by you are encouraged to see “your” dog and her adorable puppies!

Any breeding related medical costs for the guardian dog are at our expense. Each guardian pup/dog will be health tested prior to entering our breeding program at no cost to the Guardian Home. You will be asked to drive/meet me at our vet office for these tests. This ensures that you,  as well as we, are promoting a healthy, well cared for dog and that the GH has a part in our breeding program.

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Is There a Cost Involved to Be a Guardian Home?

Yes. We have found that when there is a charge involved people seem to take better care and provide more adequately for their new four-legged family member. This cost is minimal when compared to the actual price for the pick of the litter puppy. The cost for each pup that we place will be considered on an individual basis. When the guardian puppy has completed its breeding career with us which is typically 4 litters for females, we will transfer all registration paperwork into the Guardian’s name. Our Guardian families are able to enjoy the excitement and benefits of their very own guardian dog having puppies without the extreme time commitment, labor involved, vaccinations, etc. It is a WIN-WIN for both parties!

Please contact us if you are interested in getting more information on possibly becoming a Guardian Home. We look forward to partnering with you!