I'm allergic to dogs. I've heard Doodles are hypo-allergenic" or "allergy- friendly." What's the difference?

“Hypo-allergenic” means totally non-reactive for allergy sufferers. No dog is 100% “hypo-allergenic.” Some dogs, however, tend to be more “allergy friendly” than others. Dogs who have coats that are more like human hair are more easily tolerated by those who suffer from asthma and various allergies. Doodles are among these dogs.

Are Doodles good with kids?

Goldendoodles are friendly, loyal, passive and affectionate. They make excellent family pets. However, all puppies will be puppies and often nip, bite (as they are getting their permanent teeth) and jump up. It is imperative to train your puppy from day one not to exhibit these negative behaviors ensuring the safety of each child and your pup. All family members need to be on the same page as far as training goes. If this will be your first dog and your children can learn to train the puppy with the same tactics you use, then this should work well. If your children are too young to overtly demonstrate your training tactics, then it may behoove you to wait until they are a little older.

What's the difference between a Goldendoodle and a Tiboodle?

An F1 (1st Generation) Goldendoodle is a Golden Retriever bred to a Poodle resulting in a 50-50 hybrid. Please see our About Goldendoodles link.

An F1 (1st Generation) Tiboodle is a Tibetan Terrier bred to a Poodle resulting in a 50-50 hybrid. Please see our About Tiboodles link.

Is it true that Doodles don't shed?

Goldendoodles of any generation tend to have a low-shedding to non-shedding coat. Tiboodles of any generation will be non-shedding. Their coasts are much like human hair and will continue to grow if left unchecked. Goldendoodles, as well as Tiboodles will need to be groomed periodically. It is important to note that there isn’t necessarily a correlation between whether a dog sheds and whether he or she will be allergy friendly. Much of it is determined by the makeup of the individual.

Are Doodles a good fit for everyone?

No, Doodles are at their best when they accompany their owners most everywhere. They want to be part of the family and love to be on the go. They require a moderate amount of daily exercise and mental stimulation. They are highly intelligent and need some type of challenge so negative behavior like chewing or barking will not be exhibited.

Tiboodles can have a high-pitched bark which will alarm you if someone is at your door or arrives unexpectedly. Generally speaking, however, if you are looking for a guard dog or someone to protect you, neither a Goldendoodle or Tiboodle will intimidate anyone.

How do I know which is a better fit for my family-a male or a female?

Most behaviors that people associate with one gender or the other are influenced by hormones. These behaviors can include urinating on car tires, fence posts, or even your new suitcase just unloaded from the car. Over the years we have heard our clients claim that a male is solely the way to go. Others are adamant that a female is the stand alone choice for them. After years of hearing the controversy we have finally determined that both males and females make remarkable family pets and that you reap what you sow with your new four-legged family member, regardless of gender.

Please take into account you will need to provide written verification from your vet that spay/neutering has been performed by 9 months of the date of birth or the health guarantee will be forfeited.)

What items do I need to have before I bring home a new puppy?

We are huge proponents of crate training as it makes housebreaking your new puppy much easier. We finally started offering these items to make it convenient for our clients.

We offer a Basic Puppy Pack which includes a crate, sherpa pad, stainless steel food and water bowls, waste bag holder, puppy shampoo, handi-drink (for water while walking), Bitter-Apple chew deterrent, dog bone toy and treats.

Our Deluxe Puppy Pack includes all of the afore mentioned items PLUS a crate cover, waste scoop set, 8 paneled exercise pen, travel pet bowl, brush, Kong chew and Nylabone beef bone treats. You may see these lists as well as a picture of each on our PUPPY PACK link. We are able to offer these at 10% off retail price.