About Tiboodles

A Tiboodle, also referred to as a Ttoodle, is an AKC Tibetan Terrier bred to an AKC Poodle resulting in a non-shedding, allergy friendly pooch. We were first introduced to this breed several years ago and immediately fell in love with his adorable looks and amiable disposition. Very few are to be found in the United States. After extensive research we decided to breed them ourselves.

A Tibetan Terrier is not very common so allow me to give you some background:

History of Tibetan Terrier

The Tibetan Terrier originally came from the Himalayan country of Tibet, an isolated region north of India. According to legend, the breed was raised primarily by the monks who lived in monasteries and was kept purebred for many hundreds of years.

These shaggy dogs were known as “the Holy Dogs of Tibet.” They were treasured by the monks who kept them as companions, good luck charms and watchdogs. It is believed that TTs were used to herd livestock and retrieve articles that tumbled down the steep rocky mountains into crevices. The breed is sure-footed, so they would have been well-suited for such tasks. They were never sold but were given as gifts to promote good fortune as a mark of great respect.

Characteristics of the Breed

The Tibetan Terrier is a medium sized, shaggy, square dog, averaging 15- 16 inches from shoulder to ground and weighing from 20-24 pounds. The breed has a double coat, the inner coat being fine, similar to cashmere. The outer coat can be almost straight or wavy and is neither silky nor curly.

Tibetan Terriers naturally have a heavy fall of hair over the eyes and face to protect them from the elements. They also have a lovely plumed tail carried over the back. They come in many colors and the range is wide: from pure white to jet black, with goldens, silvers, brindles, fawns, parti- colors and tri-colors.


The temperament of the Tibetan Terrier can be compared to that of an intelligent, loving and slightly mischievous child. Completely devoted to his or her people (or person), the Tibetan becomes a member of the family very quickly. The breed loves to travel and experience new places with their owner nearby. The chief characteristic of the breed is its sensitivity to the moods and conditions of its owner and/or family. This factor, combined with its innate intelligence and devotion, makes the Tibetan Terrier a remarkable companion for life. They are merry companions, even in their old age and most find their childlike quality endearing.