About Golden Doodles

After the wildly successful breeding of Labradoodles, the Goldendoodle was introduced in the early 1990’s. The hypothesis that an AKC Golden Retriever bred to an AKC Poodle was that it would produce a sweet-natured, highly trainable, low-shedding and allergy friendly dog. Those assumptions were absolutely correct as the genetic combination of the two produces an increased vigor and other superior qualities. This cross breeding is known as heterosis or hybrid vigor in which the cross between two unrelated purebred lines is hardier and healthier than either individual parent line. The Goldendoodle with its sincere expression, gentle nature and perceptiveness makes an excellent companion or family pet.

A Doubledoodle is typically an AKC Goldendoodle bred to an AKC Labradoodle. We essentially get the best qualities of both breeds. We have found some clients specifically wait for a pairing of this nature.

Golden Doodle Sizes

Standard: Height: 22 inches or more at the tallest point of the shoulder; Weight: generally 50+ pounds. Males tend to be larger than females, regardless of the size category.

Medium: Height: 17-21 inches to the shoulder; Weight: usually 25-45 lbs.

Miniature: Height: 14-16 inches to the shoulder; Weight: generally under 25 lbs.

Golden Doodle Terminology

F1 (1st Generation) – Golden Retriever bred to a Poodle (50% Golden, 50% Poodle)

*F1’s will have straight, borderline wavy, or wavy coats. They vary widely as to shedding and allergy friendliness.

F1B (2nd Generation) – F1 bred to a Poodle (25% Golden, 75% Poodle)

*F1B’s will have wavy, curly, or wooly coats and are low to low to non-shed and are allergy friendly.

Multi Generational – F1B bred to an F1B

*Multi-Gens also will have a wooly or fleece coat and are low to non-shed and allergy friendly.

*Multi-Gen Doubledoodle-one parent is a goldendoodle and the other a labradoodle.

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